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How Do You Fix Your Story?

If writing a first draft is an exercise in silencing your inner critic, editing your first draft is an exercise in silencing your ego.

How Do You Write Your Story?

You may have wondered, back at the beginning of the series, “But Lisa, when do you actually write the story?”

How Do You Break Down Your Story?

“Why would I outline?” I hear you saying. “Doesn’t that kill the magic?” Or, if you’re like me, you flash back to having to write outlines for essays in school. God, I hated that.

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How Do You Tell Your Story?

How Do You Tell Your Story?

Okay. So you have your germ of an idea, and you hopefully have some characters. Now what? Now you start sort of trying to fit them together. At this point, you probably don’t have a full plotline in your head. Or at least, you may not realize that you do.

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Who’s In Your Story?

Who’s In Your Story?

Characters are usually one of the first things that come to me when I’m working on a story. They’re one of the things I started with a natural ability to do–which means when I needed to take the next step to improve my characterization, I had no idea how the hell to do that, because it had all been instinctual up to that point.

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Lisa A. Nichols lives in Michigan with a tiny ridiculous dog, too many cats, and a crush on Luke Skywalker that she should’ve outgrown thirty years ago.

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